How to Convince Your Other Half

Because Second Nature is a no-brainer. For you, that is.

At Second Nature, we tend to think we have the best filters and the best service you can find out there. That’s why you get your first shipment free! But every once in a while, whoever is a part of these home decisions just isn’t convinced. They can buy filters themselves. They always remember everything. Or best of all “what do these people online know anyways?”

Well, we know that you can buy filters yourself and you often won’t remember—don’t worry, we won’t go telling anyone else about that part. So here’s how to convince your other half that Second Nature is the obvious choice here.


We work directly with a US-based manufacturer to ensure quality at a price you can’t beat. Plus, you don’t need to waste time, gas, or unnecessary mileage on your car. That adds up, not to mention the frustration you have when you accidentally buy the wrong size. #facepalm


To some of you, the hardware store is your favorite place. To others, it’s in every nightmare. Whatever the case may be, no one wants to spend precious time on the weekend fighting the lines to get air filters. Why would you do that? That’s where we come in. Every time you need new air filters, they’re delivered to you free of any annoying shipping and handling fees. You don’t even need to remember when they’re due for replacing. We keep track of that for you too. Seems like these guys online do know a thing or two…

More reasons

Air filters are one of those things that you replace on the rare occasions you remember or actually have time to, aren’t they? It’s kind of like washing your car or cleaning out the garage. You’ll get to it. It’s too important to be one of those though! Regularly changing your air filters will help in a few noteworthy areas:

Making you happy

If none of that does it, remind them of that forgotten anniversary or the time they got drunk at your office party. That’ll do the trick.

Griffin Kelton