Six Secrets to Survive Shopping with the Mrs.

Don’t worry, man. We got you.

If you’re a guy, you’ve been there. Your better half needed just five minutes to run into that store, and you gladly oblige. It’s now been 25 minutes. She puts up with you, so you can’t really complain. You know it’s going to be another 20 minutes, so you let her know you'll sit on that bench outside. Now you wait. Or maybe you could make use of this time?

Maybe they’re not secrets, per se, but indulge us. Perhaps you’ll learn a thing or two.

  • Talk to the other husbands that are inevitably there with you
  • You’re in a familiar situation. There are probably at least one or two husbands waiting in or outside of the same store. And you’ve already got something in common.
  • Do some email
  • If you’re a working professional, you have a steady stream of unread emails. There are no exceptions to this rule. So while you’re waiting on your amazing wife to touch every piece of fabric in the store, you could burn through some of those emails that you have been avoiding for the last two weeks. You could even use that time to unsubscribe to all the spam you swear you didn't agree to receive.
  • Go into a different store
  • This isn't always an option, but if you’re in a mall or a large shopping center, undoubtedly there is something around that catches your interest. At the very least, there might be a food court around to grab something tasty instead of staring at your watch outside of [insert boutique name here].
  • Play a phone game
  • There are gazillions of distractions on your phone. These (often free) apps are just a few taps and swipes away. They are designed for times exactly like this. If you’ve never been much into phone games, some classics to check out include Angry Birds, 2048, Trivia Crack, and Temple Run.
  • Do some shopping of your own
  • You could always go into a different store as mentioned above. But if nothing around you is of interest, look online. Everybody has something they’ve been meaning to get done that requires some purchase. You now have 15 to (indefinite) minutes to get that done.
  • Find the mattress store
  • The mattress store is a solid place to wait around. Just pretend you’re interested in buying a bed and you can lay down for as long as you want while you wait.

Oh, and guys, Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Check out last week’s blog for some inspiration.

Alec Lower

Content Writer

Alec is a third-year member of the team at Second Nature. He brings expert knowledge of a myriad of home air filtration topics including HVAC filters, filtration efficiency, and indoor air quality.