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How to Host the Best Wine Night for You and Your Girlfriends

Yeah, you could just drink wine by yourself, but that’s a Tuesday. This is Wine Night!

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Six Secrets to Survive Shopping with the Mrs.

Make use of the time you spend waiting

Think outside the box this valentine's day
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Five Cool Ideas for a Non-Traditional Valentine's Day

A traditional Valentine's Day date is always fun, but if you're looking for something less traditional, you've come to the right place.

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Ways to Spend "Me Time"

Taking 15-minute breaks throughout the day can help you be more productive and less stressed. Here are a few creative ideas of how to spend that time.

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There's Still One Week to Indulge in the Holiday Spirit

There's still time before the new year begins. Here are five great ways to indulge in the holiday spirit during the last week of the year.

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How to be the Best Host This Christmas

Here are five of our favorite tips for being the best host this holiday season

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How to Have the Best Christmas Lights on the Block This Year

Check out our secrets on how to go big with your lights this year

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The Great Debate: Real Christmas Trees or Artificial Ones

Real Christmas tree of fake one? The great debate rages on, at least until you finish reading this

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Second Nature's Holiday Gift Guide for your Handyman or Handywoman

Looking for some sweet gifts for your handyman or handywoman this Christmas? Look no further!

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Six Ways to Spend Your Extra Hour

Time to turn those clocks back. Spend that extra hour doing something fun.

It can be tough when you significant other isn't as in to Second Nature as you are
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How to convince your other half

Because Second Nature is a no-brainer. For you, that is.

Beeswax candles have a nice look to them as well
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A Do It Yourself Guide to Making Your Own Beeswax Candles

Making your own beeswax candles is fun, easy, and safer for your air quality.