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Smart-Home Thermostat
Smart-Home Thermostat

Smarter Smart Thermostats

As in-home smart technologies have evolved, it’s become harder to anticipate the needs of your customers. What was once an inexact thermostat dial on the wall is now a literal computer monitoring the entire household all the time.

This new tech is an exciting chance to integrate further and add value to your customers’s lives. With Second Nature’s integration, a smart thermostat is able to analyze and understand the exact life cycle of a homeowner’s filters. No more guesswork! When the thermostat determines that it’s time for a filter replacement, it can trigger automated shipments to be delivered on the day the filter must be replaced.

Higher Home IQ

The marketplace for smart home technology is crowded, to say the least. How can you stand out from such a noisy, complex crowd?

Simple, integrate with Second Nature. Then, you can automate the air filter replacement process, and give your customers a wholly unique convenience feature. All together, it makes for a more well-rounded smart home experience for your customers.


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