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Bolt of Electricity
Bolt of Electricity

An unforgettably smart customer experience

Time is valuable! Show your customers you understand by offering a convenient solution to an inconvenient chore: air filter replacement.

Did you know?

  • The average American household only changes their air filters twice a year… far below what the Department of Energy recommends.
  • Our co-branded air filters work as a simple reminder that it’s time to replace the old, dirty ones.
  • You can be their partner in increasing their energy efficiency and extending the life of their HVAC system.

Mandates made less cumbersome

Federal and state mandates ensure energy efficiency across the board. The main requirement? More collaboration between utilities, regulators, and other industry partners.

Your customers can play a huge role in energy conservation!

The more regularly customers change their filters, the less energy they waste. Unfortunately, most people don’t bother. Typically, they can’t find the right size or style of filter in a store, or they totally forget about it.

With Second Nature’s regular filter delivery service your customers can conserve energy without any extra effort. Plus, it gives you another touch point with them, and a great way to build a longstanding relationship.


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