This Is Second Nature

Home wellness is an essential part of healthy living, and we’re on a mission to make it so easy it’s second nature. We’re a growing team that loves what we do, and has a great time doin’ it.

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Perks & Benefits

health care cross

We offer health, vision, and dental insurance. Plus, a free gym membership!

office building beside home

Our HQ is in downtown Raleigh with complimentary parking nearby.

open month on calendar

Unlimited sick days, vacation time, and the freedom to work from home.

four hands placed on each other

We embrace our employees with openness and respect at all times.

Our Core Values

We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
When something seems off, we say something.
We own our mistakes and course correct.
It takes a village to win.
We are selfless and act without expectation.
Great leaders give credit and take responsibility.
Consensus is great, but we prefer decisiveness.
Activity informed by strategy leads to results.
Progress over perfection.
Results and rewards go hand-in-hand.
We give you enough rope to lasso the moon.
Success is persevering through failure.
The work is hard enough; we don’t create unnecessary conflict.
We have crucial, candid conversations even when they make us uncomfortable.
Political capital is not a valid form of currency.
We actively look to change our approach.
We don’t look for the right answer; we look for a better answer.
We constantly evolve, and that doesn’t scare us.
We’re scrappy in our approach.
We do more with less.
We stay lean so we can be quick and nimble.
Co-founders, Thad Tarkington (CEO) and Kevin Bary (COO)

The guys behind the purple curtain.

Meet Thad and Kevin. They started this place back in 2012 after a particularly frustrating (not to mention fruitless) visit to a hardware store for air filters. They needed a more convenient way to check this chore off the list for good, so they made it happen. We’re far from the days of garage inventory storage and door-to-door salesmanship, but, at over 100 employees and counting, we’re every bit as dedicated to bringing convenience to our members.

Co-founders, Thad Tarkington (CEO) and Kevin Bary (COO)
Raleigh, NC skyline

Second Nature is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina with Fulfillment Centers in Wilson, NC and Ardmore, OK