Get air filters delivered on time

Say goodbye to HVAC maintenance requests and hello to a fully managed air filter delivery service for cleaner air and lower costs. We’ve got air filters handled so you and your residents can breathe easy.

Woman holding air filter

Easy, breathe-y benefits

  • Delivery

    The right filters, right to their front door

    Changing air filters is a necessary chore that's easy to forget. Now you can make it as easy as opening the front door. Residents get date-stamped filters at the right time—with easy instructions. It really is the easy button.

  • Pay Less

    Residents and PMs pay less

    On-time air filter delivery has helped lower residents’ energy bills by $177 every year. For property managers, this reduces HVAC maintenance requests by 38% – and the costs along with them. 

  • Healthier Air

    Healthier air, healthier homes

    Indoor air quality can be up to 5X worse than what’s outside, leading to over 200K premature deaths per year. Our patented technology filters out more harmful particles than standard air filters, ensuring your residents breathe cleaner air 100% of the time.

The first major residential air filter innovation in 30 years

Better filter technology

Our filters perform better. It’s that simple. The soft-edge frame creates a tighter seal and more efficient airflow, which means capturing 97% more of the smallest harmful particles (like bacteria), 38% more medium-sized particles (like mold), and 16% more of the largest troublemakers (like pollen). Our Flex-Lock frame is foldable for more sustainable packaging and shipping. Plus, you can request customizations depending on resident needs. 


Installation as easy as 1, 2, 3

A patented Flex-Lock frame makes installation easier than ever. Our package includes:

  • Optimal quality filters
  • White-labeled with your company name
  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • Messaging on the benefits of changing filters 
  • Direct access to Second Nature’s customer service line

Any issues? We handle them personally.

Automated and trackable

We’ll work with you to get the quantity and filter size for each home, then handle everything from there. We’ll ship it out on-time, every time and the cost is covered in your resident’s monthly RBP payment. And we date-stamp every air filter right before it’s shipped. So come inspection time, you’ll know for certain if your residents have done their part. 


"The air filters alone have been a huge selling feature to potential owners out there. Just giving them piece of mind that their HVAC is being taken care of."


Travis Bohling
Home Ladder

Air Filter Delivery Service FAQs

Ready for you, your residents, and your owners to breathe easy?