$1M in resident identity protection keeps everyone safe

For renters, identity theft can disrupt their ability to pay rent, through no fault of their own. Our Resident Benefits Package includes $1M in identity protection to ensure prevention and protection for residents, property managers, and property investors.

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Protect what matters

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    Staying ahead of risk

    The odds of falling victim to online crime are 1-in-4. Cybercrime occurrences have passed home burglaries in the last three years. The risks are real, but our identity protection plan works to prevent attacks in the first place and covers costs when emergency strikes.

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    Protecting all parties involved

    Identity theft can create an immediate, acute financial crisis. Suddenly a resident who has paid on time every month can’t make rent. How do you ensure bad luck doesn’t risk losing good residents in good standing? How do you ensure your owners continue to receive payment on time? Identity protection.

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    Fraction of the cost

    We partner with Aura, rated the #1 identity protection service on security.org. Our partnership with Aura allows us to seamlessly bring effective identity protection at a lower cost to you and your residents.

#1 in identity protection

Aura is a leading provider of cybersecurity services and our partner for our $1 million identity protection plan. Our package provides three key stages of protection:


Aura provides preventive dark web monitoring with IBM Watson AI – which catches issues before they happen. In just a year, Aura’s monitoring helped prevent over 100,000 cybercrime issues for renters with a Second Nature Resident Benefits Package.

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Peace of mind coverage

With identity theft, there’s no immediate sign of crime like with a home burglary – but the potential for severity is much higher. While dealing with identity theft, renters can lose their financial stability and risk late fees or worse. Our $1 million coverage provides real protection and peace of mind while the resident gets their personal data restored.


Aura provides a US-based restoration specialist team to ensure that your residents are restored quickly back to financial stability and long-term safety. This team works to quickly resolve identity theft so your residents can go back to normal – and to paying rent on time. So investors are happy too.

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Jenni Utz

"With the identify protection, it gives residents an extra layer [of protection] in addition to us."


Jenni Utz
Utz Property Management

FAQs for Resident Identity Protection

Offer online safety for your residents and financial stability for your investors