Take the stress out of moving with move-in concierge

Everyone hates utility setups. At best, it’s a chore. At worst, it’s money and time lost. Second Nature’s move-in concierge service helps residents get what they need the easiest way possible.

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Utility setup the easy way

  • Turn multiple phone calls into one

    Turn multiple calls into one

    Instead of clicking and calling around to find providers and rates, your residents can make one call and get an experienced navigator to guide them to a successful move-in experience.

  • No more troubleshooting for property managers

    Troubleshooting is off your plate

    With a move-in concierge service built into our Resident Benefits Package, all property managers have to do is get a signature on the lease. We'll then handle the move-in coordination and utility set-up from there. 

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    Boost your retention and renewal rates

    Many residents know within the first few weeks if they want to renew a lease. Taking as much of the hassle out of utilities, internet, and move-in tasks  makes all the difference.

The easy button for moving day

One phone call

Residents can do it all on their own if they want. But like a hotel concierge, combining everything into one call provides an exceptional experience. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of residents set up water, gas, electric, cable, internet, satellite, and/or security.

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Get the best deals for your residents

Our expert concierge team does the research on providers, deals, and promotions and is ready to plug your residents in. You get expert insights without wasting all the time researching. 

With no change to your process

For property managers, there’s no change necessary to your move-in processes. We simply provide a resource to help make it easier for residents to follow your procedures.

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Megan Zellers

"Offering the reward's program, renter's insurance, and move-in concierge, it's showing residents 'I'm not just a number.'"


Megan Zellers
RMS Team

FAQ for Second Nature’s Move-in Concierge

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