pleated air filter used in a homemade air purifier
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How to Make A Homemade Air Purifier in 3 Simple Steps

Some extra air filtration can sometimes be necessary, but an $800 air purifier is not.

kid sneezing with ragweed around him
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Everything You Need to Know about Ragweed Allergies This Fall

Pollen allergies don't stop in the summer. If you're afflicted with a ragweed allergy, prepare for the fall here.

second nature filter in box
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Summer Is An Important Time to Remember Your Air Filters

With the heat of summer upon us, now is an important time to be sure you're replacing your air filters.

Second Nature Catch All MERV 13 air filter
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couple holding pleated filter and fiberglass filter
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Myth Busted! Pleated filters will not damage your HVAC system by decreasing airflow

Let's bust some myths about airflow and pleated air filters.

everything you need to know about whole house air filters
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Everything You Need to Know About Whole House Air Filters

What is a whole house air filter, why is it different, and why do I need one?

How Can I Easily Improve My Home's Indoor Air Quality?
Staying Healthy

How Can I Easily Improve My Home's Indoor Air Quality?

Yes, yes, we know we keep harping on pollen. That's partly because so many people are affected by allergies and partly because, in the south, the pollen is terrible! Like really bad.

don't just be miserable this spring
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How to Survive Spring Pollen Allergies

Spring tree pollen is either on its way or already here. A little preparation can make it a lot more tolerable for all the allergy sufferers out there.

A clean and organized living room
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How to Test The Air Quality in Your Home

Testing your Indoor Air Quality can help you better understand what risks may exist in your home and how to mitigate them.

woman working from home
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Four Tricks to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Staying productive at home can be a challenge, but it's not impossible.

mom and baby sitting on windowsill
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Five Key Factors Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality is important, and knowing what affects it is critical to the health of your home.

man using hand sanitizer
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21 Things to Know About Staying Healthy in Your Home

Staying safe from viral and bacterial infections is a year-round practice. These tips can help.