Make rent day rewards day

Our Rewards Platform shifts your relationship with residents from transaction-based to value-based. Give residents points for on-time payments that they can cash out for gifts on our marketplace.

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Rent day = rewards day

  • celebrate residents who pay on time

    Give residents something to celebrate

    For residents, it’s a rewards platform. They get instant points for on-time payments and other responsibilities you choose to attach to perks. Late fees are a stick – it’s about time there was a carrot for all the residents who do pay on time.

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    Give yourself a leg up

    For property managers, it’s an incentive platform. By offering rewards for on-time rent and any other resident behaviors you choose, you can reduce delinquency and encourage the best rental habits. Plus, it sets you apart from the crowd.

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    Give investors the retention they’re looking for

    Resident rewards can improve resident satisfaction and boost retention rates, which means satisfied investors too.

Your custom incentive platform

$100+ in annual value for residents

Our plan automatically enrolls residents in a welcome gift at lease signing, plus ongoing rewards every month on rent day and a pre-lease-renewal gift. Residents build up credits and can cash them out on our exclusive perks marketplace with big savings built in.

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Customized to your preferences

As the property manager, you can incentivize the resident behaviors you want and eliminate the ones you don’t. Want faster renewal decisions? Timely maintenance reports? Reviews or surveys? Resetting a GFI outlet? You tell us what you want to see more of, and we’ll incentivize it.

In one easy app

All of this is off your plate and managed in a simple app that residents can download or access directly on a browser for their rewards. We set it up for you and organize incentives based on your goals.

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Residents get to continue to pay how they want

Residents pay you through your current accounting software or supported methods. We then take the proof of payment and add the appropriate credits to their rewards account.

Jay Hartley

"It's shown our residents that we care about them and that we want to add value for them. It's also increased the time that our residents stay with us."


Jay Hartley

Resident Rewards Program FAQs

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