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Our renter’s insurance program ensures 100% compliance and liability coverage protecting you, your property investors, and your residents. We handle the admin and monitoring; so you can focus on your core business. 

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We call it Triple Win-surance

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    Residents get choice and ease

    The national average renters insurance policy comes in at $18/month. But we’ve helped over 95% of residents spend less by enrolling into a master policy. Residents also have the option to get a quote online, with customizable coverages through our HO4. Or they can find, buy, and upload their own proof-of-insurance that our team then reviews.

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    Close compliance gaps. Protect investors.

    Our program and process help ensure 100% of properties get the required coverage, for 100% of the lease term. And our master policy includes coverages for property damage, pet damage, mold, rental income loss, and more.

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    A competitive edge for your company

    90% of professional PMs require residents to carry insurance on the lease, but only 41% of residents maintain compliant coverage. How do you know when a credit card expires or a resident policy lapses? At Second Nature, we built a holistic program that allows choice without sacrificing coverage. Plus, we manage certificate tracking and master policy enrollment for you.

Unlock peace of mind

$100k-$300K in liability

Our master policies cover either $100K or $300K per occurrence, including fire, water, explosion, smoke, freezing pipes, overflow of appliances, and pet damage + loss of rental income for your investors + personal liability for residents for slips and falls, dog bites (all breeds), additional living expenses, and more.

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$10K in personal contents

Resident belongings get protection in case of damage caused by fire, water, wind, hail, smoke, burglary, and more. Filing claims is quick, easy, and online. And Second Nature Insurance Services only works with A-rated carriers.

Dog bite coverage with zero breed restrictions

Recently, State Farm showed over ⅓ of their losses were due to dog bite. Yet many carriers don’t offer it at all, or restrict breeds if they do. You could say they are all bark and no bite coverage. In our program, if the dog is approved on the lease, your resident has coverage for bites. Any dog owner can tell you that’s tough to get!

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Everything off your plate

We manage every piece of our renter’s insurance program for you. Our team tracks compliance across your properties and manage any lapsed policies so you and your renters don’t get caught in a coverage gap. All you have to do is sit back and relax.


"The renter's insurance program has saved us at least one staff member who was only doing insurance before. That's a whole salary."


Karen Jordan
HBR Rentals

Renter's Insurance Program FAQs

Renters Insurance Program is provided by Second Nature Insurance Services, LLC (NPN 20224621). Any policies placed under this program are placed by the preferred insurance partner-broker of Second Nature’s Insurance Services, LLC

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