One resident benefits package. Tons of value. None of the work.

Renters want more than a roof. Create unforgettable resident experiences and keep your property running smoothly with these unique benefits.

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It started with air filters. But rapidly, we realized we could make life easier for property managers, residents, and investors by bundling a suite of industry-leading services and products—creating happy homes and a Triple Win for everyone.


Our benefits package includes:


Renters Insurance Program

Protect your people. Protect your property.

Renters Insurance Program

A master policy, HO4, and certificate tracking that:

  • Covers personal liability up to $100k and contents up to $10k

  • Includes a group rate from an A- rated carrier

  • Ensures 100% of residents covered

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Credit Building

Residents build credit by paying for virtually anything...except rent. Let’s change that.

Credit Building

We report on-time payments to the three major credit bureaus–resulting in:

  • Credit Score increases avg 42 points

  • Increased on-time payments

  • Immediate benefits by back-reporting up to 24 months

2023 Icons_Filter Delivery Service

Air Filter Delivery Service

Cleaner air and reduced costs? Refreshing.

Air Filter Delivery Service

On-time, automatic deliveries of quality air filters result in:

  • 38% fewer HVAC ticket requests

  • $177 annual savings on energy bill

  • Improved air quality

2023 Icons_On-Demand Pest Control

On-Demand Pest Control

Residents shouldn’t have to live with unwanted guests.

On-Demand Pest Control

Evict bugs, keep residents, and get expert pest control coordinated for you:

  • 24/7 online claims

  • Nationwide provider network

  • Award-winning service

2023 Icons_Resident Rewards Program

Resident Rewards Program

Rent day is now rewards day.

Resident Rewards Program

Incentivize on-time payments with rewards through our award-winning app. Residents with on-time payments and good behavior earn rewards like:

  • Gift cards

  • Exclusive discounts

  • Cash prizes

  • Rent relief

Icons_Move-In Concierge

Move-In Concierge

No-stress utility setup for residents.

Move-In Concierge

Turn hours of research and calls into a single conversation. Our concierge helps set up the following services at the best rates:

  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water)

  • Cable and satellite

  • Internet and phone lines

  • Security systems

Icons_$1M ID Protection

Identity Protection

Identity theft isn’t a joke. And neither is this protection.

Identity Protection

1 in 4 Americans are victims of identity fraud. With AURA Identity Protection, your leaseholders get:

  • $1 million in coverage for losses due to identity theft

  • Constant monitoring by IBM’s Watson

  • Threat alerts, like a strange account established in your name

  • A dedicated case manager to assist every step of the way

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Already have benefits? No problem.

Seamlessly bundle your existing benefits with ours to create a winning experience for residents.

Why Second Nature?

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Your package is monitored and managed by Second Nature. This is what easy feels like.

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If you have existing benefits, we’ll combine forces so your residents get one clean experience.

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We integrate into your business process because PM should stand for property manager, not portal manager.

"We are helping residents build their credit, on-time payments are now happening, and residents are staying longer."

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Jennifer Stoops


"If I went and polled my tenants everything in there would be somebody’s favorite. I think it’s the collection of all of them that makes it really powerful."

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Brian Birdy

Birdy Properties

"You hear people call RBP the easy button. It's valuable add-ons for your residents that are done for you."

Kelli Segretto photo

Kelli Segretto

Property Management Inc.

"RBP feels like adding to my team, without adding to my payroll."

Lindsay Baker photo

Lindsay Baker

Evolution Real Estate

"Working with Second Nature was the easy button."

Shawn Johnson photo

Shawn Johnson

HomeVault Property Management

Deliver the ultimate resident experience

Our Resident Benefits Package gives residents everything they want without all the work.