Pest control redefined 
(and off your mind!)

Get on-demand pest control services for all your residents at a third of the cost of preventive sprays and status-quo pest control vendors. You and your residents can rest easy knowing common pest issues are handled. 

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Evict bugs, keep residents, add revenue

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    Pest control that works for everyone

    Too often renters don’t realize they’re responsible for pest remediation, don’t budget for it, or simply don’t take action. Soon, a small issue becomes an infestation – and suddenly, it’s your problem, too.

    That’s why we’ve wrapped on-demand pest control into our Resident Benefits Package. Your residents know exactly what to do when pests come knocking, it’s paid for, and getting service from quality vendors is done for you.

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    Full service at a fraction of the cost

    Pest control issues are expensive, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Preventive sprays are a luxury cost that only stops some issues – that’s not an ROI proposition. With our on-demand pest control service, residents pay ~⅓ of the cost of preventive sprays and can get service fast if they ever have an issue. 

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    Get pests off your plate

    Tired of getting pest control requests from your properties? Thanks to our partnership with PestShare, property managers no longer have to play the middleman for residents and pest control vendors. Residents submit requests online, which get routed directly to our national network of vetted providers to stop escalations and infestations – with no added cost or effort to you!

Pest protection made easy

On-demand service

Don’t pay for what you don’t need. An on-demand subscription model brings transparency, predictability, and savings so your residents can get immediate help if an issue ever comes crawling. Our industry-leading partner, PestShare, does all the work to coordinate services with vetted partners.

On-demand service
Customizable coverage

Customizable coverage

We offer multiple tiers of pest control services; our most popular option protects against cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, weevils, mites, ants, and mice (or another regional pest). We also have different options depending on the tenant-landlord law in your state, so you and your customers can always be compliant. For ⅓ the price of preventive sprays, you can get on-demand pest control that takes care of all standard resident pest problems. 

Fully managed and hassle-free

Residents can directly request on-demand pest services without going through their property manager. Our partner, PestShare, quickly connects them with a vetted service provider and coordinates through completion so their pest problem gets handled professionally.  

Fully managed
Brendon Graham

"It's much easier to take a proactive approach to an infestation because once you get to that point, then you're looking at lots of treatments to get rid of whatever the infestation is."


Brendon Graham
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On-Demand Pest Control FAQs

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