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Home for Sale sign
Home for Sale sign

Property Managers, team up with your tenants!

You do so much for your tenants, now it’s time to get a little help from them. HVAC units are a pretty hefty investment on your part, but it’s up to your tenants to change their air filters on time. Unfortunately, most of them don’t know that.

By teaming up with Second Nature, you can ensure that your residents are changing their filters! Plus, the co-branded experience lets them know the filters are coming from you.

We include all the necessary instructions, and mark every filter with an expiration date. It’s never been easier to get HVAC help from your tenants.

Realtors, give ‘em something to remember you by!

So, you helped your clients find their dream home. You put in the hours, you scoured the neighborhoods, you toured and toured and toured. But…what happens next? After the sale? Will they remember you? Refer you? Call you first when they need a new dream home?

They will if you hook them up with Second Nature. Give the closing gift that keeps on giving! Plus, you’ll get your branding in front of potential customers up to 12 times a year. It’s a useful gift too, not like a basket of weird “gourmet” peanut brittles and spicy jellies.


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