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The Triple Win Podcast Closes Season One

Be sure to check out all our season one episodes below and stay tuned for season two.

Host Andrew Smallwood and the team at Second Nature are excited to announce the completion of season one of The Triple Win podcast. We started our podcast back in January as part of our effort to connect professional property managers with each other and the resources they need to evolve their business. Over the course of the last year, a number of amazing guests have been kind enough to just us on our 27 episodes, and season one is just the beginning. 

We launched on April 22, 2021 with our first guest, Jeff Hoffman, who is the Co-Founder of Priceline. The rest of our guests included industry leading property managers, innovators, business pros, authors, and more. 


Jeff Hoffman, Co-Founder of Priceline


Todd Ortscheid, CEO of Revolution Rental Management


Dan Casetta, the incredible culture-shaping sales executive


Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres, co-authors of the groundbreaking book Conversations Worth Having


Matt Whitaker, CEO of Evernest


Sue Hawkes, bestselling author and Certified EOS Implementer®


Phil Vera, CEO of Auben Realty


Christopher Lochhead, "The Godfather of Category Design"


Susan Scott, bestselling author of Fierce Conversations.


David Osborn, entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, author, world traveler, wealth-building mentor, and proud father


Jennifer Stoops, Doug Brien, and Andrew Propst, panel: Future of Property Management Panel

Peter Lohmann, Founder & CEO of RL Property Management


Chris Voss, former lead crisis negotiator for the NY City division of the FBI and former lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI


Bryan Jenkins and Jonathan Cook, AHI Properties


Randall Henderson, Jackie Lee, and Gregg Cohen, panel: Future of Property Management Panel


Michael Catalano, Jennifer Newton, and Jennifer Stoops, panel: How to Build & Engage Your Team


Joe Pine, author of The Experience Economy


Kellie Tolifson, Owner and VP of Operations at T-Square Real Estate Services


Thad Tarkington, CEO of Second Nature

Deb Newell, Bryan Jenkins, and Karen Jordan, panel: Running High-Impact Zoom Calls for Investors


Vincent Deorio, Atlas Real Estate


Justin Donald, bestselling author of The Lifestyle Investor

Todd Ortscheid and Alex Osenenko, The Triple Win Live debate


The reviews are in and season one was everything we hoped it would be!


“Truly great visionaries sharing and educating entrepreneurs across many platforms. Content delivers great information and is always relevant. Definite must Subscribe.”


This podcast was FANTASTIC! I listened to it yesterday and couldn’t wait to get into the office today to share my takeaways with our staff! Thanks for all you do for our industry!!!”

We’re so honored and humbled to have over 2800 separate downloads in just the podcast’s first season. It’s a testament to the wealth of knowledge our industry-leading guests were kind enough to bring to the table as well as the SFR property management industry’s desire to grow as a unit. This is the journey we’re all on together, that of growing the gap between the professional property manager and the accidental landlord, and we’re committed to our part in connecting PMs with the ideas and resources necessary to make that happen.

Season two returns in January with even more insightful guests. Keep an eye out for new episodes and click below to suggest a topic!

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