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TWLX Preview with Hal Elrod

On December 3rd, 1999, Hal Elrod was driving home when he was hit head-on at 70 MPH by a drunk driver. He died for six minutes. 


Six days later, he woke from a coma. Doctors told him he would likely never walk again. He took his first step three weeks later. 


Few people have faced the adversity in life that Hal has, and his book, The Miracle Morning, details the daily personal development rituals he’s used to overcome the challenges in his life. 


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Season 4 Episode 7 features Hal Elrod

The Triple Win Property Management podcast is produced and distributed by Second Nature




Andrew Smallwood
Hello, professional property managers; Andrew Smallwood here, chief customer officer at Second Nature, and I'm joined by a long-time friend, mentor, and just an incredible human being who I'm really excited to be with today and excited to be with on April 30th at 11 a.m. eastern at Tribal and Leadership Exchange. none other than Hal Elrod himself. Hal, would you mind just introducing yourself to the audience? What people should know about you beyond you being a bestselling author of Miracle Morning and, you know, if people are less familiar with you, what should they know about Hal?

Hal Elrod
Yeah, I think, you know, I usually start with my background. I think it's important to know somebody and where they came from. And for me, when I was 20 years old, I was hit head-on by a drunk driver at 70mph and found dead at the scene. And so that was like the first pivotal moment in my life where I came out of a coma six days later to be faced with this unimaginable news. What am I going to do? I just decided I've got to make the best of this difficult situation and took my first step three weeks later and kind of miraculously turned it around, if you will. And that began my life's work of me asking, like, why did this happen to me? Not from a victim mindset, but what should I do with this to help myself and help other people? And so that kind of gave birth to my life's work if you will. And the Miracle Morning was born out of the 2008 financial crisis. And now, that is a book that has helped millions of people around the world. This picture right here, if you’re watching this, is the Miracle Morning; there's a new, updated, expanded edition. And that's the thing that we're going to talk about on the 30th.

Andrew Smallwood
Right, April 30th and 11 a.m. Eastern. That's right.

Hal Elrod
So, yes. Okay. So, it's how to take yourself to the next level. So that you can take your success to the next level because it only happens in that order. Right. And the Miracle Morning is simply a daily practice. It doesn't mean you have to be an early riser and wake up at 5 a.m. and join the 5 a.m. club. It's about starting your day in an effective way. There's a very specific process for the Miracle Morning so that you can begin each day in a peak physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. And when you start every day at your best, you take your best, the best version of yourself, into the day, and you're more effective at your work. You're more engaged with your family. Essentially, as you get better, every aspect of your life gets better as well.

Andrew Smallwood
Love that. You know something? For people who listen to the Triple Win podcast, what they often hear at the end of the episode is every time we see you, we want to see a better version of you and your business. And that's really what the Triple Win community stands for: How do we make things better for residents? How do we make things better for investors? How do we make things better for property managers and do that all the same time? And, I am really excited for what you are going to share on April 30th, you know, with the team; if you were to kind of imagine, like, hey, at the end of this, you know, what people would be feeling, what people are typically experiencing after you've shared your message, what they're telling you, you know, they're kind of gained right from this or even maybe beyond just that moment 30 days later, 90 minutes later, etc. Now, I know you've interacted with a lot of people who are fans of yours in your community. what are the kinds of transformations that you typically hear people have, you know, been able to create for themselves?

Hal Elrod
Yeah, it starts with the mindset. And I think everything starts with a mindset. And so what happens is what I've experienced, having shared this message with, you know, tens of thousands of people in person and online, actually hundreds of thousands of people. What's common is, first, the shift in mindset. So by the end of my message, I would imagine that if you're coming to it in a, in any form of disempowerment where you're, yeah, I'm struggling, you know, in my business, I'm struggling in my marriage, I'm struggling in some area of my life, which most of us are. And that's impacting my mental health, my confidence, my ability to be resilient, and so on and so forth. By the end of the message, you should have a total shift in mindset where you realize, oh wow, I am in control of myself. Therefore, I am in control of my life. That's the first big, big takeaway. From there, you're going to have a very specific six-step morning practice that you can do in as little as six minutes. So it doesn't have to be an hour. But what you'll find is that most people find it is such a, not just empowering and effective practice, but it's an enjoyable practice to where you might start in six minutes, but you're gonna go, I want more of this. This is arguably my favorite part of the day, is doing this Miracle Morning practice. So you're going to walk away with these six steps and how to do them and how to do them effectively, quickly, and efficiently so that every morning, starting literally the next morning, I mean, you're gonna have a 30-day challenge. All right. I'll give you a little preview of that. You have a 30-day challenge that I'm going to invite you, encourage you, and challenge you to commit to so that 30 days from now, wake up just a little bit before you have to wake up, even if it's six minutes before. You will be different, you will have a different mindset going into the 30-day challenge, and you'll be a different person at the end of it.

Andrew Smallwood
Yeah, yeah. Well, hey, that's really exciting to think about. And one other note I just wanted to share for people who are less familiar with how to reason: Laura, Matt, and myself, we've known Hal for a long, long time. I want to say probably 15, 15 plus years, right, that we've known Hal. If you don't know, Hal is a world-class speaker and author, and you may have picked up everything else before or during the quick message here. But Hal has, you know, commands and has earned amazing speaking fees, right? There is a lot of value as a great speaker. But we've also known Hal as the largest donor, Front Row Foundation, somebody who goes out of his way to help and make a difference for other people. Somebody who we really consider a very heart-centered leader and a very just human, a genuine person with incredible, inspiring stories, you know, to share. And we really believe there's a lot of value for people in the audience for this. And we just really respect who Hal is and how he is showing up. And I just want to mention that he probably wouldn't say it himself, but he's very generously showing up for our group in a big purpose. And people that come to the Triple Win Leadership Exchange we actually run these events as not-for-profit events, but we run them as fundraisers for charity. And so we'll be supporting the Pat Tillman Foundation, you know, Melissa and Jim Sharon, other very, very passionate, supporters of, a Pat Tillman Foundation. And so, the tickets and the prices and everything you see related to the Triple Win Leadership Exchange go often, do some fun auctions and things like that rich list of things you can't get anywhere else. All of that 100% of the proceeds are actually going to go the supporting the Tillman Foundation and how I just wanted to recognize you as somebody who's really passionate about making a difference for people in the world and really appreciate, you know, that you're going to be with us on April 30th. I'm excited. Looking forward to it, friend.

Hal Elrod
Awesome. Andrew, thank you for the kind words, brother. And, I would say it takes one to know one is a fitting statement in this context. So yeah, April 30th it's going to be fantastic. and I'm excited to be part of this community.

Andrew Smallwood
All right, everybody, well, Hal and I are going to keep it short. So thanks for listening in. I'm sure Laura Mac’s got links somewhere around here if you're seeing me pointing or if you're hearing me saying that, just look around for the link to register to support the Pat Tillman Foundation. And Hal and I are excited to see you and a bunch of our friends on April 30th. Catch you then.

Laura Mac & Carol Housel

And that wraps up another episode of the Triple-Win Property Management podcast. Thank you for pressing play. We hope you've gained valuable insights and inspiration.

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