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With sustainably sourced carbon that provides outstanding filtration efficiency of a wide range of contaminants, you can trust Second Nature’s premium fridge filter brands, It Matters and Each Sip, to always deliver dependably clean drinking water to you and your family.

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It Matters and Each Sip use activated carbon

Organic compounds that pollute your drinking water are hydrophobic, meaning they don’t bind to water at the molecular level. They do, however, bind to the non-polar carbon molecules inside an activated carbon filter, allowing your water filter to pull pollutants from the water as it passes through the carbon. 


Indeed, we have the coconuts. Both the It Matters and Each Sip brands are activated carbon filters built from carbon within coconut shells, which feature a high density of very small pores. This allows for more effective and efficient filtration than the dated competitors of coal-based and wood-based activated carbon filters, both of which have larger pores. 

Our filters deliver great tasting water

Coconut shell activated carbon also produces better tasting water than other forms of activated carbon filters. Coal-based activated carbon can release byproducts into the water during filtering, which can hurt the taste of the water. Coconut shells are extremely low on taste affecting particles like inorganic ash.

What they catch

It Matters, our premier brand of fridge filters, is effective against both health contaminants and those that affect the taste and appearance of your water. It Matters will filter, on average, more than 98% of lead, more than 94% of chlorine taste and odor, more than 98% of asbestos, and a whole host of other contaminants common in drinking water. 

Environmentally friendly

Unlike other sources of activated carbon, coconut shells are renewable. Coal-based carbon requires destructive mining operations, and wood-based carbon comes from trees that we’d prefer to keep standing. Coconuts can be harvested 3 to 4 times throughout the year and don’t require destruction of our environment to do so. 

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Second Nature's offerings
Perfect tasting water every time

Second Nature’s Each Sip™ brand of fridge filters start at just twenty-nine dollars and are certified by IAPMO to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 42. These filters will reduce aesthetic impurities and can be depended on to deliver great tasting water straight from the fridge.

Purified water you can trust

Second Nature’s It Matters™ brand of fridge starts at thirty-nine dollars and is certified by IAPMO to meet NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53. Not only will this premium brand of fridge filters improve the taste and appearance of the water you drink, but it can be depended on to filter contaminants you may not even know you’re drinking. These can include lead, chlorine, asbestos, and VOCs.

Our fridge filters brands are offered with compatibility to the following brands and come with a fit guarantee so you can have peace of mind that you’re getting the exact filter you need every time.

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