Peter Lohmann + 
Second Nature

Peter Lohmann recommends Second Nature to help partners earn more profit per door with the SFR industry's only fully-managed Resident Benefits Package.


Peter Lohmann's friends receive special perks!

At Second Nature, we know relationships matter. So we’ve teamed up with Peter Lohmann to offer you special benefits, like zero implementation fees!

A Resident Benefits Package gives property managers additional profit per door with no additional lift, a simplified workflow, and a winning resident experience that also keeps investors happy. It's a triple win for everyone!

You can expect...

  • 1

    Custom insights

    An RBP expert in your state will help you design your ideal resident benefits package.

  • 2


    Seamlessly integrate with your property accounting software and processes.

  • 3

    Go live

    Our award-winning team will have you running smoothly in 4 calls.

  • 4


    Residents see immediate benefits, property management gets easier, and owners see their investments grow.


Book a personalized demo to learn how Second Nature can help your company:

  • Increase resident retention

  • Lower maintenance costs 

  • Help your property stand out

  • Reduce admin work

  • And increase profits

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Benefits that benefit everyone

  • Renters Insurance Program

    Renters Insurance Program

    Ensure 100% coverage and compliance with this automated, comprehensive insurance policy.
  • Credit Building

    Credit Building

    Improve your renters’ credit by automatically reporting on-time payments to major credit bureaus.
  • Filter Delivery Service

    Filter Delivery Service

    Reduce HVAC maintenance requests by 38% with regular filter deliveries.
  • On-Demand Pest Control

    On-Demand Pest Control

    Evict bugs, keep residents, and have it all coordinated for you.
  • Resident Rewards Program

    Resident Rewards Program

    Turn rent day into rewards day. Residents earn points and gift cards for on-time payments.
  • Move-in concierge

    Move-In Concierge

    Simple utility and internet setup gives renters one less thing to stress about.
  • ID protection

    Identity Theft Protection

    Protect residents with up to $1 million in coverage.