Innovative Property Solutions implemented resident benefits in just 10 days

How Second Nature helped this property management firm add a resident benefits package without disrupting their team or their renters.

Leah Schuch

Innovative Property Solutions


Leah Schuch, Broker


Jacksonville, NC




Property management firm founded in 2018

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    Rolled out this new program in just 10 days

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    Set up new packages in
    2 minutes

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    Increased their net profit by $2,560 per month


Change is hard. Leah Schuch, a broker at IPS, knew her property management firm needed to differentiate themselves in the market, but was hesitant on a big change.

Would residents revolt? Would owners push back? Would it add tons of work to our plate? These were all fears Leah had after researching a Resident Benefits Package (RBP) with Second Nature.

Leah recalled that “nobody else in our market was doing it. Which made us nervous of potential complaints and added work. This caused me to push off Second Nature for a long time.”

But eventually, enough was enough. She could see the long-term benefits, knew it was the right choice, and decided to implement the Second Nature Resident Benefits Package.


What Leah thought was going to be a lengthy, stressful process actually ended up being incredibly easy.

It was anticlimactic…in a good way.

Because unlike most new technology, a Resident Benefits Package doesn’t require a “rip and replace” strategy, but rather a slow rollout (one resident at a time with new leases or properties), making it much easier to manage.

How easy was it? Leah responded, “They make it so incredibly easy for you to roll it out to your portfolio. All you really need to do is copy and paste into a new lease.”

Plus, Second Nature’s team was there to help every step of the way. By scheduling a total of just 3 hours in calls and check-ins, we kept their onboarding on track.

As for pushback from residents and owners? There wasn’t much. With a simple document (that we provide) explaining the benefits, both residents and owners quickly see the value. In fact, Leah noticed that the RBP helps differentiate their properties by offering something very few competitors do.

Leah's last piece of advice:

Don't let the fear of implementation hold you back.

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