Smoke Pollution Relief Effort by FilterEasy

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This year’s wildfire season, which has been one of the worst on record, has forced residents of many western states to cope with serious air quality issues. Smoke pollution, which can be carried thousands of miles by the wind, has spread across the West Coast from its origin to neighboring states, profoundly affecting residents in Washington, Oregon, and California. The result has been an air quality crisis that has reached hazardous levels and left many without clean air to breathe, whether inside or outside their home.

Today, we're announcing Smoke Pollution Relief by FilterEasy. Starting in Washington and expanding to California and Oregon, FilterEasy is reaching out to those affected and doing what we can to help with the air quality crisis. We’re donating thousands of 20"x20" smoke-filtering air filters to communities in need—those that have taken on the brunt of the smoke pollution crisis. These smoke-filtering air filters can be turned into do-it-yourself Air Purifiers with any standard box fan.

air filter attached to box fan

The use of a smoke-filtering air filter is proven to decrease smoke pollution in your home by as much as 80–90%. This fancy graph details the exact decrease in indoor pollution with use. There’s no denying the effectiveness.

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency - DIY Air Filter

To start, we’re partnering with Seattle-based organization Front and Centered to ensure these filters can get to those who need them. As our on-the-ground agent of change, they'll be able to manage allocation and distribution of air filters across Washington.

“Smoke pollution from forest fires is a real public health issue in Washington right now. Even though the air has cleared for many, the communities we work with have severe air quality issues year round. With smoke-filtering air filters, we can help those in need get cleaner indoor air.”

- David Mendoza, Front and Centered

Want to help?

You can help those on the west coast breathe cleaner air by donating now. Beyond that, we ask that you share it. Let's make this viral!

We're proud that FilterEasy can help play a part in helping provide aid to those afflicted by poor air quality. Together, we can make a difference. Because everyone deserves clean air.

Alec Lower

Content Writer

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