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Season 2 Kickoff of the Triple Win Property Management Podcast


Let’s kick off Season 2 of the Triple Win Property Management podcast! Andrew, Thad, and Laura talk about some new changes to the podcast and what to expect as we tackle the best ways to help triple win-driven property managers stack up those wins in our season premiere!

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Hosted by Andrew Smallwood
Featuring Thad Tarkington and Laura Mac
Produced by Andrew Smallwood, Laura Mac, and Carol Housel
Edited by Isaac Balachandran

Episode Transcript:

Andrew Smallwood
Hello, professional property managers. Andrew Smallwood here, and welcome to season two of the Triple Win podcast. This is our first episode of 2022, similar to the very first one if you were to scroll all the way back for season one, kicking it off. So that means I'm joined today by Second Nature CEO and co-founder Thad Tarkington You might remember him from other episodes like the Future Resident Experience from PMX and of course, I've got none other than Miss Laura Mac, who leads our digital events and Facebook group and will be co-hosting a new Triple Win event series format with me in season two we're very excited to tell you about. And to get things kicked off, Thad, we wanted to celebrate some highlights from 2021. Would you mind sharing what's top of mind for you and what was exciting in 2021?

Thad Tarkington
Absolutely, Andrew. So you know, first off, I want to thank everybody who's listened. It's always a little bit nerve-wracking, doing something new, making a big commitment. We plan to do an episode every other week. So ultimately, you know, sharing our wrap for 2021. We ended up doing the 27 episodes, so hit our goal of an episode every other week and, you know, really encouraged to hear hundreds of people listening weekly. We are hearing from folks listening on their commute, professional property managers all over the country, really finding unique value, making change their business, and really made it fulfilling. And like it was an effort worthwhile. We're excited to wrap the year with over 5000 unique listeners. So really encouraging year, and it's got us excited for 22 and continue to work on bringing people in, bringing unique content to the audience, and hopefully helping them grow their businesses. Really exciting year.

Andrew Smallwood
Definitely exciting. 27 episodes, 5000 listens, very exciting progress, you've even exceeded some of the targets that we set at the beginning of the year and lots of people just giving great comments every week, Facebook messages, emails, et cetera, about things they were taking away, episodes they were re-listening to. And I just want to encourage everyone out there who did that. I want to say thank you because that really encourages our team. We share that with our team. Laura Mac, you read through more event surveys and feedback than any other person at Second Nature. I know you read every single one. What were highlights for you and, you know, highlights for the audience in 2021?

Laura Mac
One of the things that I think a lot of people don't know is that we take all that and we ship it all to the speaker, so probably would stand out for me the most is being able to share the love that the PMs are able to share with us through the feedback surveys and Facebook comments. We accumulate all that, we send it, and that means so much because these speakers are sharing their heart, their expertise, all their insights, everything that they've worked their lives for. You know, I think Chris Voss, the negotiation expert. You think you know, Joe Klein with the experience economy, their life's work is wrapped up in this, this little 90-minute chunk. So the fact that we're able to share how it's, you know, this has, I have people, I have chills thinking about it. You know this has I'm excited to go to work on Monday, or, you know, this is re-energized me for why I do what I do. Comments like that that is fuel more than more important than anything else for the speakers. So that's probably been one of my favorite parts is, yes, reading the feedback. But being able to share that with the people who are making the impact directly, that's been a really great highlight.

Andrew Smallwood
Hmm. I love that. You know, a couple of things I want to share with people as we talk about season two and what's going to be changing. We did some, we took an intentional pause for some reflection in December and January and say, how how do we take everything that we learned? Everything everybody told us, everything everybody showed us and make this even more valuable in season two, even more relevant, even more, impactful than everything that happened in season one. And we've got some exciting things to share there. But there's also a couple of things that people told us that we know we want to keep the same, and I want to express that because, you know, we had three or four people reach out and say, Hey, we'd love to be a guest on the Triple Win podcast and what's the cost to be a guest? And some people don't realize a lot of podcasts out there. They charge people to be a guest on their podcast and they're promoting and they're running a bunch of ads. And in the middle of the episode, like right at the best part, right? It just like cuts into an ad. And I know we said we really wanted to optimize for the listener experience and add as much value as possible. And monetizing the podcast was not a focus. And hey, as listeners, how do we want to enjoy a podcast? And so, you know, we're committing to again, not interrupting episodes with ads, people said they really appreciated that. And it's not a pay-for-play scenario, we're selecting things based on just pure interest that's out there and relevance, value that people want to get.

And so those things are going to continue. I want to talk a little bit with Laura here about an exciting format. We got some feedback. We ran a Facebook poll. We had a bunch of ideas of things we could do in a couple of things people were really interested in was something called a Triple Win breakdown. And it's basically, Hey, let's take these ideas. Let's make them really practical. Let's break it down in detail. Give people frameworks, give people templates so it becomes very actionable. What people can do with that and take it to apply and stack their next Triple Win in their business. And so we're going to be running a Triple Win live event with professional property managers, the top couple of percent operators in the country that we're going to be bringing on for things that they are doing. It's like, what's the one thing you're doing? If everyone else in the industry were doing it, it would elevate the whole industry to a new level of professionalism. What innovations are they bringing and how are they creating and stackingTriple Win experiences in their business? We're going to be bringing them on to talk about that. We're going to do a Triple Win breakdown and they're going to be available for AMA Q&A format. So there's going to be a live audience as opposed to just Laura and I and the guest asking questions. We're actually going to have property managers on. Property managers can talk to property managers and problem solve, troubleshoot and work through these things. Ask the follow-up questions that you wish you could when you're listening to a podcast recording and get that done live. So we get some really viable content. We're. Really excited about this, we're going to be kicking this off in February and Laura is going to really be helping with co-hosting and producing the whole event. You want to keep an eye out, Laura, where can people find out when these events are taking place? What can they expect as far as finding information, details about what's coming up?

Laura Mac
And I'm super excited for these two because they're extremely timely. So we have two events every month and the event topic and guest is taken directly from the conversations that are happening in the forums, in the comments sections. You know, what are people talking about? So really excited for these first couple of OurTriple Win newsletters that we have coming out monthly, we have one. Just it just went out yesterday. We already have 30 signups for, I think, the first events over 30. So it's exciting. It's exciting to see that because people are excited about it, which I love. So if people go to the newsletter, they can find it. They can email and we can get them signed up with the registration link. Get them on the mailing list.

Andrew Smallwood
Awesome. All right, so check out the Facebook group. Look for the private Facebook group, our VP. That's has links to our Facebook Group, newsletter, all our groups. You can find it there. Yep, the newsletter is great and I heard that email address. Listen, if there's a topic you want to hear, I was talking to Carrie in Arizona the other day and she was saying, Man, I just it's hard to get the time to go to in-person. And so I love these digital events where I can do 90 minutes and really get something valuable out of it and was asking her what topics she wanted to hear so we could make that happen for her. So if you've got suggestions like Carrie email them in and We'd love to make it as relevant for you as possible.

And here's what we've got lined up. I'm looking at February. Very excited about this. We've got none other than, you know, who helped us kick off season one, The Toddfather. We're going to record another Toddcast. With Todd Ortscheid and we're going to be talking about security, deposit status, traditional cash deposits. But there's all these alternatives. There's a bunch of different ways to do it. There's pure insurance products, there's surety bonds, there's all kinds of potential solutions. And you know, we're looking at ways that actually property managers can make money doing this as opposed to sitting in an escrow account where you can't make money. And so going to talk about how to create a Triple Win, do a Triple Win breakdown and security deposits and Todd has a wealth of information on ancillary services, programs, etc. So I'm sure there's going to be a ton of other questions outside of that and great stuff to get bring them, join us. That'll be on a Triple Wins-day coming up near you and then we'll have Greg Cohen it looks like later in the month. Greg runs an amazing company, JWB real estate companies. They have over 4000 doors in the market of Jacksonville. How many companies do you know that have 4000 doors and are borrowing in a single market as a third-party company? Not a lot, but I think I saw men with investment sales, everything else they're doing. Their company passed $150 million in revenue. This is an impressive business, and he's going to talk about a vertically integrated approach to real estate. He's going to talk about long-term leases. He's going to talk about their podcast that generates a ton of business for them and brings investors in. They have a Facebook group. They run all kinds of great strategies to building a great business that we're going to have Greg on for. And we want to hear whatever questions you have.

It's going to be exciting, Laura, Thad, Thanks for being on with us. Thanks for helping us kick off season two. And hey, as we always like to say, every time we see you, we want to see a better version of you and your business. So keep stacking your Triple Wins. Let us know how we can help. We'll catch you on the Triple Win live for the Triple Win breakdowns. It's going to be a great season 2 with everybody together. We'll catch you then, take care.

That's all for today's Triple Win Property Management podcast. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your life with us. We do not take it for granted. I also want to give a shout-out to Carol Housel for everything she and our team does to make this possible. It's crazy to think about. Over 5000 professional property managers have pressed play on episodes in season one and season two now, and we really want to encourage you to keep giving feedback because more and more people are listening. It's getting better and better and better thanks to everything that you're sharing with us. If you liked this enough to listen. We want to encourage you to share it with other people. You can give us feedback directly on the social media channels, Facebook, LinkedIn, wherever you're hanging out. You can also send us an email, at And we just want to give more where there's no sales pitch here. Just want to offer more resources that help you find and stack your next Triple Win and become a Triple Win-driven property manager. So where can you find that? You can find a private Facebook group? You can find our blog, you can find our newsletter, you can find more resources all at Just search for what you're looking for there, and every time we see you, we want to see a better version of you and your business. To that end. Keep it going. Feel inspired. Take our encouragement, and we'll see you next time.


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