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What The Best Property Management Companies In America Do Differently


There's property managers, and there are PROFESSIONAL property managers.  The difference between the two is what will make your rental property portfolio perform as it should or make you wish you never owned it.

BUT there are few people that really have a national perspective of what makes professional property managers great across the country.

That's why when we found one, we HAD to have him on the show!

Andrew Smallwood is the VP of Revenue for Second Nature, a company that is championing the resident experience by enabling the best property managers in America to create triple-win situations for their residents, investors, and themselves.

We'll ask Andrew to share:

- what makes a superior resident experience a profit center for investors

- Second Natures insights into the building blocks of ROI data: work orders and renters insurance

- how to incentivize residents to pay rent on time

- and much more!

Don't miss your chance to know exactly what you should be looking for in a property manager regardless of what market you're investing!


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