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Second Nature's Holiday Gift Guide for your Handyman or Handywoman

Looking for some sweet gifts for your handyman or handywoman this Christmas? Look no further!

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Three Simple Tips you should do to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Fall is well underway and it's time to start prepping your home for the cold. With these dead simple tips, you can do so even with your packed schedule

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Six Ways to Spend Your Extra Hour

Time to turn those clocks back. Spend that extra hour doing something fun.

replace your air filters to save on energy
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Second Nature's Tips for an Efficient Home Part Five: Change Your Air Filter

For our fifth and final installment of Second Nature’s Tips for an Efficient Home, we want to remind you to change your air filters. There aren’t many routine home maintenance practices that are forgotten with more regularity than the air filter change. You

fireplaces can provide some great ambiance in the winter
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Second Nature's Tips to an Efficient Home Part Four: Prepare your Fireplace and Chimney for the Winter

Did you know there's a balloon that can save you money just by existing in your fireplace?

Staying Healthy
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MERV testing looks pretty cool
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Second Nature's Tips for an Efficient Home Part Two: Beware of the Draft

If you liked part one, keep reading to save even more money.

Staying Healthy

Safety Tips for Dealing with Smoke Pollution

Wildfires have created a smoke pollution crisis throughout much of the west. While not the most obvious danger with these fires, hazardous air quality caused by smoke is nothing to scoff at.

Smoke Pollution Relief by FilterEasy
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Smoke Pollution Relief Effort by FilterEasy

We're proud to announce Smoke Pollution by FilterEasy. We'll be donating smoke filtering air filters to smoke pollution affected communities on the West Coast.

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Second Nature's Tips for an Efficient Home Part One: How to Pay Off your Car by Changing your Light Bulbs

Do you want to save $600? Well of course you do! Here's one of the easiest ways to do it.