Hive Real Estate improved resident quality of life with the right benefits

How this property management firm used Second Nature to help lower bills and reduce maintenance requests.


Hive Real Estate


Demi Kalfas-Gordon, Broker-Owner


Las Vegas, NV




Property management firm

  • hive_On time payments-1

    40% more on-time payments

  • hive_Resident Retention-1

    20% increased resident retention

  • hive_Lower Utility Bill-1

    35% lower utility bills

  • hive_Maintence Request-1

    50% fewer maintenance requests

  • hive_Revenue Increase-1

    15% increased revenue


Demi Kalfas-Gordon’s firm, Hive Real Estate, manages unique clientele out of Las Vegas, NV. Many of her residents are elderly, don’t drive, or are low income—resulting in a lack of general maintenance (like air filters) and late payments.

She knew she needed a way to stay on top of maintenance and find a solution to late rent payments, all without burdening her residents.


The first problem she tackled was maintenance, specifically air filters for the HVAC units. Knowing her residents weren’t going to hop on a bus to Home Depot to buy filters, she looked into filter delivery services and found Second Nature.

With that, she instantly eliminated one major chore for residents, lowered utility bills, and reduced wear and tear on their appliances.

Next, she added other perks to their custom benefits package.

The rewards app not only encouraged on-time payments, but also helped their low-income residents build credit, eventually leading some to find more permanent housing.

It became a win-win situation for everybody.

By knowing her residents’ unique circumstances, she was able to curate the ideal resident benefits package with Second Nature—improving quality of life for residents and growing her business.

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